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Rape, a malignant crime

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

We all think that we live in a very tranquil society, but the truth is that we live in a society which is full of crimes, with a culture that normalizes harassment of women. Rape is a felony, a crime of sexual intercourse without consent, more serious than a misdemeanour. Men, women or children, can be a victim of rape. Majority numbers specify women and children suffer from this misery.


Most women live in the terror of a horrifying event like rape. The statistics are witnessing rapid growth in numbers. A huge percentage of the rape cases in India go unreported and most of them are committed in a household environment. In certain instances excess consumption of alcohol also leads to a unforgivable like rape. Instances have been frequently observed where a group of drunk boys raped a woman or a child. It is heart-wrenching that even after knowing the fatal consequences, people continue to commit this crime. In India, the punishment for rape is rigorous imprisonment for 7 years.


Instead of teaching women not to dress provocatively, be passive, not to be dominating, watch where they go, watch when they go, not to go alone, not to invite attention, be careful who you talk to, not to go at night, carry pepper spray, and adapt to other precautions. TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE. Rape is the most malicious crime one can commit and the fourth most attempted crime against women in India. So, it is time for us to raise an alarm and put an end to this crime.



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