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She is just like the moon, full of scars, imperfections and loneliness. Yet she shines the brightest amongst the empty flickers of surrounding stars. They all try to be her, making feeble attempts at scintillating like her. To plead the galaxies to restore order, her beauty dulls everything around her. That is her


Just like the moon, she has a side so dark that no one could see it. But I feel it. And I want to be with her despite her flaws. After all, she is so perfectly flawed. She makes me want to take a walk around the universe with her. I can hear her talking endlessly and yet not feel the slightest of fatigue. In her eyes, I always see a storm, a chance to live as never before. The moon lines her exquisite skin, while auroras create her dazzling locks. You could say that she's the

essence of life.

She doesn’t need anyone, but with her, I feel like she’s the only one I need. She may not be perfect but she’s perfect for me. Written By - Dilpreet Kaur

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