Saw you at the beach

Tinted glasses, chocolate skin

You looked me in the eye

Hit me like last night's gin

It was so beautiful

We had so much to say

Didn't know if it was right

Yet, we stayed

We hit every base

Cut to the chase

But the affection got lost

All because of the haste

The care, the promises

The touch, the kisses

The sins, the whispers

The love, the prayers

We cherished it all

But nothing lasts forever

Yet believed in us

We weren't so clever

Gloom was fathomable

The end was near

Grudges were now

More than we could bear

What went so wrong?

You keep me at bay

It hurts a lot

But still, i stay

Now we're getting rude

Like there's no love

The touch so numb

Like cold hands in a glove

Everything's a mess

I've got nothing to say

I want this to work

And so i stay.


Naghma Sachdeva

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