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this writing spree has got me so messed up

i mean, i feel this urge to turn everything i do, see, and feel, into poetry

this urge, it doesn't let me feel

i'm crying, and in my head, i'm weaving a string of words with every drop of tear that falls down my cheeks

this urge, it's making me numb

i'm dancing, and in my head, i'm imagining my pen waltzing on my notebook

this urge, it isn't letting me live

i'm breathing, and in my head, i'm inhaling thunderstorms and exhaling sunshine

this urge, it's changing my perspectives

i'm looking in the mirror, and i'm seeing the universe, love and stardust instead of my reflection

i'm trying to pen down everything into words too much i guess

from music to painting

more than feeling the emotions

my insides force me to translate everything into words

and say it out loud

in words.


Written By-

Naghma Sachdeva,


Blends of Life

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