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A Promise Named Lie

I am awake , wide awake.

The oil in my lamp is slowly vanishing into thin air, my hair smell like fresh daisies and my hands …Empty! Empty as if someone was feasting on me.

I have this sudden urge to ink something, I don't know what that something is but it is lifeless, surely beating but lost the feeling to live.

Is it a good day?

But what am I waiting for?

He won't ever come back , and the memories where should I dump them? Where should I shove my love? Where should I go with all these thoughts in my head? My body is filled with feelings, questions and shattered promises which I won't confront. I avoid getting up to feel this lifeless lump of lies you left me with What should I do with all these twelve hundred pictures, these infinite memories and all those moments? I remember the day you proposed me, how we thought there would be a forever to go. How I laid on your chest feeling the warmth of your hands wrapped around me to assure you would always be there . How you promised me to never leave, how you told me it was just you and me. Everything in this world fades away slowly, these are lies we tell to each other, the love we form for each other like a home to go . I gave my heart to infinity so I go past the river to throw a rock and see it drown ,or end, or fade away like I've done so many times.

Written By - Tanishka Pathania

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