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An Unknown Desire

She was a soft tune in the world of rock music, complete within herself. But she never realized what she ever wanted. No she was not looking for love, she was not looking for hatred.She never knew what exactly did she want.

She wanted to eat food without the fear of growing fat or rather the fear of what others will say. she wanted to wear short skirts, not because it defined her femininity but because she was comfortable in them. She loved to walk in the moonlight on deserted roads, not because she was coming back from parties, but because it was perfect for her poetic sides. She was one of those rare people who had what they wanted and wanted what they had. She loved life but felt life doesn't love her back. She didn't know what she was looking for. She wanted to enjoy the simple pleasures like ice-cream and chocolates, mischief and pranks but couldn't put a name to all her desires.

What was with her?! Was she sad ? Or was she simply looking for HAPPINESS?

Yes ! That was it. She wanted HAPPINESS though she was content. She wanted a spark in her eyes, dimples on her cheeks come visible, she wanted to SMILE.

The biggest fear people live in is what others will say. But if we think as to what people will think, then what will they think? Do n't worry whether someone likes you or not because most people are struggling to like themselves. Do n't let people treat you like a cigarette, they use you when they are bored and then step on you when they are done. Be like drugs, let them die for you. Why be anything else in the world when you can be happy?

People say a lot of things. It is their work to say. But, it is our work to not get affected by such people. Take the piece of constructive criticism and ignore the rest. In this fast moving world individualism is on the rise and people do not bother what others are doing. The world debates whether this is good or bad. in my point of view, I feel this is amazing. People have moved in their lives and the biggest evil of our society :" LOG KYA KAHENGE " is on the run.

Another thing about people is that they cannot tolerate anybody Else's success. A nobody in our lives starts controlling everything in our life. This is ridiculous. You don't climb like 5 stairs and people pull you 10 stairs down. Out of so many things in the world to play with, people choose our feelings. It is however on us to not waste our so precious ATP molecules and brain energy by thinking about such people. They do not deserve even an ounce of attention and tears. Both are attention and tears are to be reserved for something of much importance. But suddenly, it is like not gravity but those people are holding on us to the earth. Of course, this is among a few of those things which are easier said than done. But, lets pledge to ourselves that we are NOT going to let such people affect us. After all it is us who have to make our futures and not them.

All in all, today let us promise one thing to ourselves-


By - Somya Bajaj (Pen Name - Eunoia)

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