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Hey everyone, today I am not going to talk about any specific topic. Instead I am going to talk about the platform that has made it possible for us to share our experiences with you all, Blends Of Life.

When Blends Of Life came into existence, never had I imagined that it would become something like this, something that would create hope in the darkest areas of one's life. In the beginning, it was my front to fight against all the demons of my life but now after all that we have become, our strength and unity has taken over every obstacle. 

Blends Of Life is most probably the best thing that has ever happened to me, it has allowed me to find my best version and that version is Aditya Bansal, Founder, Blends Of Life. 

BOL has brought together so many beautiful souls, some scarred and some untouched. I never thought I would come across them, it has given me the hope that no matter how distant we are from each other, our thoughts, wants, desires and most importantly humanity will bind us together. 

Families are God gifts to us with but, the best part is making friends, having a chosen family. People who’ll stay.

We may not admit it or think of us as family but when crisis strikes, we are one, like a huge army of Samaritans against the whole kingdom of Devil. I've always believed that to be someone in this world you have to be someone for your own people first. 

My policy of never leaving a man behind hasn't always turned out great but it has always satisfied me, about the fact that I've always tried.

"Think, Breathe, Do it" has always been my way and according to the statistics, I thought correct on 16th September 2017 to create Blends Of Life. 

Is Blends Of Life progressing? Yes but, our biggest mission is to spread hope and we believe (and hope) that we are succeeding in that, leave a comment in the comment section below or mail us at, prove that we are right ;)

Peace Out!

Written by:

Aditya Bansal,


Blends Of Life

Edited by: 

Naghma :)

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