Devotion Or Insensation

Since the ancient time we have believed that there is someone who is above us all, someone who watches our good and bad deeds and decides what we deserve. Today I write to contradict.

God is considered to be the supreme being, the reason behind it all. Whenever the obstacles of life cross paths with us, we always look up to seek guidance but the actions that we take afterwards depend on us. According to me, God is a mere idea that allows us to trust ourselves more and believe that we can be better, that the bad days won’t last. Humans have always considered the possibility that God exists but, they have never considered the possibility that they are more than what they think of themselves. Day after day, hurdle after hurdle we ultimately take hard decisions and push ourselves further in the race. An action set in motion without the support of trust and belief on oneself is of no use.

There is no problem in believing in God, but being dependant is what can prove of grave danger. God provided us knowledge, strength, and the ability to take decisions so that we can lead the way for ourselves and others. Not believing in oneself is the betrayal of God's faith and blessings. Religions teach us to trust in God and do the right, in different ways; but comparing them and creating controversies on the same is like the mockery of the concept of God itself.

In a nutshell, trust in yourself as much as you trust in God, because “God helps those who help themselves.”

Aditya Bansal,

Author, Founder,

Blends Of Life

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