A Latin word that means- Emotions... 

What are they? 

Why do they mean so much to us? 

Are they a weakness?

There has always been so much ambiguity about their nature and effect on us.

So, I’ll try to answer some of the above questions from my personal perspective.

Feelings are the ones that cause thoughts.

They mean a lot to us because they are the foundation of what we live and strive for: happiness.

No, they are not a weakness, but the strengtheners of one’s character.

Now, what needs to be understood is that there is a difference between feelings and being manipulated by them. When we let it overpower us, it becomes a weakness. But do not worry, because it is a sign that you have a heart, (which is, well I’m afraid, not so common these days). Now, you wouldn’t like someone with a heart of stone, would you?

When we witness feelings becoming a weakness, it is solely and mainly due to overthinking … channeling them away from obstruction is what is ought to be done.

We have always witnessed that the decisions taken by heart have proved to be fatal, true. But rare are the cases that these actions have caused regret or disappointment. Following your heart is never a bad decision.

Emotions are important. After all, they are what drag us through our daily and monotonous life. While some may consider them as a sign of vulnerability, for me they are the key to the hidden potential inside us.

In a nutshell, emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions are interdependent. Ability to control them varies across situations. Like two sides of a coin, they all have their pro’s and cons.

Remember: Excess of everything is bad.

And this is applicable to all spheres of life. 

Try it out, and share your experiences with us.

Until then 

Peace Out!

Collaborated article by:

Aditya Bansal.                  

Writer, Founder, CEO.                      


Naghma :)


Blends Of Life                                

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