Every Day

Every night,

As I slip into my bed,

There’s a hurricane in my eyes,

And all I can do,

Is just sit tight.

There’s so much I want to do,

So much I want to say,

All I know,

Is that no matter how painful the night,

I’ll always want you first thing in the day.

Your eyes are my morning sun,

Your hair is my fresh air,

Your face is my peace,

And your voice is my life’s missing piece.

Your texts are what keep me going,

The hope of seeing you is what keeps me moving.

The smile on your face,

Makes me forget my pains,

That cute small nose of yours,

Just a touch can make my days.

You are what keeps me awake,

I’ll do whatever it takes,

To make sure you never go away.

You are my queen,

The most worthy one,

Since the day you took my heart away,

Yours is the crown.

Trust me,

All of this is true,

Won’t go even if you want me to,

Well that’s because,

I love you.

Written Bu- Aditya Bansal

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