Feminism - Good or Bad?

Since forever , women have been deprived of the rights that man had .Therefore there was a need of a mass movement which could help make the situation better. Therefore, women came up with the idea of feminism. Feminism is nothing but a belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. This movement came into existence in order to create equality in every part of the society, be it social, political, or occupational. One should not judge a woman by her looks and by the type of clothes she wears. She should have the right to live freely without caring about what the society thinks. This is why all the stereotypes against women need to be abolished.

But this positive movement is now being used by Misandrist women to spread hate against men while they hide behind the mask of Feminism. Women are given “Feminist Card” or “Women Card” for protection but these days they are using it as a shield to make the victim sound as the culprit .Women are misusing and defaming men by using the feminist card . Feminist movement is a good thing but one should use this movement for positive work and should not exploit. Feminism is a good slave but a bad master.

So, one should remember not to misuse the rights given to them. Most people believe that feminists want a matriarchal society but feminism is about equal rights for both men and women. Feminism has brought significant changes in the mindset of people, which is evident from the fact that practices like female foeticide and abortion have decreased .

Overall , it may be said that feminism is for a good cause but some people make it look bad.

Written By - Dhwani Arora

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