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Fight of the Life

Which road leads where?

No one knows,

The one thing that’s in mind,

Is to always be sure.

Every decision seems like a ladder,

As if theres red in the ledger,

Still the question remains ,

‘When will You give up?’

The answer is - Never.

There will be roadblocks,

There will be criticism,

But nothing can stop you,

As You won’t be the one,

To be locked in your mind’s prison.

This is our world,

It is our battleground,

And yes sometimes we go down,

But only to spread our wings,

So that others can bow down.

Take a step back,

Save those breaths,

Then go ahead and slam those,

Who dare to interrupt.

You know your life,

You know your struggle,

Fight for what you deserve,

Work to earn,

Never forget to preserve.

Be the lion of your jungle,

Do just to your struggle.

Written by- Aditya Bansal

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