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Funny thing we call, Life

In the righteous words of Dalai Lama “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” And everyone will believe that it is a summary of what everyone in this world is working towards, a Life of Peace and Happiness. Life however, isn't what one understands with age but through various experiences that one is put through.

Everyone in this world has different preferences, different goals and most importantly different lives. Surprisingly billions of dreams and ideas around the globe seem to align perfectly? Well, they don't. Thats the thing about life, you think you have understood it, but in reality you are standing neck deep into oceans of oblivion. The main question that arises is - What is life?

What does life mean to you? The societal and social structure of the world dictates in a way - Which claims the more people believe in one concept the more correct it is.

Well, in some subjects of knowledge such as science and history this approach might pan out, but the concept of life is way above Science Facts and Historical Occurrences. Factual knowledge might apply to concepts such as Science, Mathematics, History etc and is believed to be constant around the globe, The concept of Life however is covered and written about differently around the globe with masses of people belonging to one demographic area believe into what their understanding of life. Some people consider life a cycle, some consider life which had already been written and some believe otherwise.

A lot of thought is given what's after life, and what happens when one departs from the mortal world. The main gist to life however isn't about what life is for, or what happens after its over or if it is already written. Life is given to see the world in your own way, to believe in what you seek and to find your path.

What other's do, is not what you have to do, but you are a Person of your own thoughts and what you can accomplish. You are blessed with a life and that’s what matters, is to live it right than a long one..

In a nutshell, It doesn't matter if you live by your standards or theirs, what matters is that for you in the end, there isn't a standard left to achieve that you dreamt of.

Written by - Aditya Bansal , Founder, Blends of Life

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