Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”

Let’s talk about a bond that almost all of us cherish, and some of us crave: Friendship.

Be it our parents, teachers, mentors the people we meet more often than some, a healthy relationship: Friendship; is the very essence of social harmony and peace but the most important of all, inner peace.

It is said that life starts and ends alone, as an individual. Well, I disagree, because our true friends would definitely jump off the cliff with us. Friends are the pillars on which we build our life, the pillars that give us the most valuable lessons in life; at times a little harshly and at times, so lovingly. They most probably know so much more about us than ourselves and are the best judges of our situations and capabilities. Everything in this world is built upon trust and support, be it a house or the strong feelings. It is in our very nature to seek support for our initiatives or thoughts, and they are the ones, we can always count on, without saying even a single word about it. Life will level up on us; but, it depends upon us: take the risk and keep fighting the devils all by ourselves; or, make things a little easier and take the bonus of driving them off with people who have similar devils to fight against.

I believe that one should always be open to opinions since they are a bonus, helping us deliver effective and better decisions.

No matter how strong you are, how strict you have been, there will always be a situation when you would think “would they be proud of me?”. Call it unity, goodwill or strength, they all mean the same to me and hopefully for many more.

Instead of fighting all the time I would just close my eyes and let them be the navigation system because the steering wheel should always be in our own hands!

Written by - Aditya Bansal

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