How Much More?

Every tear drop that flows down my cheek,

reminds me of the fact that you aren’t mine,

in this world of hopelessness,

The one ray i thought could make me shine.

Every time i see you,

my heart runs faster,

every time i see you,

my heart says-

Tell her how much you love her.

Every season brings a new place,

sometimes a park in winter’s cold,

Or a lane in summers that brings out my pain.

Thought i could make my way,

Dreamt of a smooth future with you just like suede.

Haven’t stopped hoping,

or dreaming,

Just stopped sleeping.

Every time I see you in his arms,

fell like there’s a bullet,

That's found my heart to carve.

Thought i could continue to stay a friend,

but then i just think sometimes,

How much can i stand?

I hear you love him,

I hear you kiss him,

I hear you like it when he hugs,

hope you will like it when you get the news,

I am done.

Maybe I’ll go forever,

maybe your fragrance and memories will lure me back,

but i’m sure of this,

if this continues,

I’ll surely end up mad.

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