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Into ye love

Would I be caring any more, or mine senses at search,

I wish my days to end, art standing on some untold verge;

Of graving all desires, which I had painted on ye urge,

Thou memories art fastened with ecstasy from those spurge.

An entity of new life, when our souls had mere merge;

Mine mind was then pellucid, Ah! stronger as some birch,

A tear from ye eye, great holiness in my heart would emerge;

& then beauty Angel, from shrine of soul would emerge.

Oh! then someday I see, ye destiny now seems to diverge,

A deluge in my mind, some pain grows to enlarge;

Mine senses such lost, into ye love I still submerge,

I pray O lord, make me valiant to resurge.

Written By - R.G (Instagram- )

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