Journey Of Our Life

The Journey of our life,

It is quite an ironic cycle. Well, everything that goes around, comes around right?

It all starts with a mother crying and screaming while delivering,

Then it moves down to a child crying in a crib and then to a teenager crying due to the cruel realities of the world we live in.

Then it moves down to a middle aged person crying due to his career and eventually crying as the end is near.

Well, this is the main plot of each and everyone of our lives right? In every sphere of our life, there’s eventually crying, then what is it that makes everyone wake up everyday and work hard? Well, it is the attempt to stay away from the tears is what it is.

The society has always seen crying as a sign of vulnerability and weakness.. but why? Is it in one of those old transcripts or in one of the holy books? Let me tell you this, it isn’t.

Crying indirectly is what actually makes us work for a better future, an incentive to do what we all do - Grow, Improve and Aspire. Then why do we see it as a weakness? The reality is this that stereotypes and reality are two opposite sides and we have always been taught to look towards the wrong one, intentionally? Maybe, maybe not?

Crying is not a sign of weakness but the indicator of our feelings towards something / someone in particular, it is what makes us realize the value and worth of what we have and sadly what we had and maybe never embraced. Looking at it as a weakness is as foolish as thinking that the rudder isn’t an important part of an aircraft, just like the rudder steers the aircraft our emotions steer our life and what better than tears to show emotions?

This stupid and irrelevant stereotype that crying is a weakness has today resulted in a number of casualties that we can’t even guess, it is high time that mental health and crying are taken seriously in our country or else this count would never stop.

It is in our hands, the youth of the country to take forward the idea of promoting Mental health and thinking of tears as more of a part of our success than failure. It is then when we will be able to save the ones at a risk, instead of acting after the unspeakable has taken place and pointing fingers.

In a nutshell, our life starts with tears, grows with tears and ends with tears, if it wasn’t meant to be like that, it wouldn’t be like that in the first place, accept them and embrace each and every lesson they teach.

Written By- Aditya Bansal

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