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Mental Health: A Positive study

Sometimes I think, sitting in the evening, looking outside at the people trying to live their normal lives amidst this pandemic and it strikes me as to how this almost an year long pandemic full of lockdowns has affected each and everyone of us.

Some people are trying not to admit that such thing exists, some are doing their best to keep their family safe, some are trying to get back to work as the economy hasn’t exactly been what it used to be.. But amongst all this what is common is that everyone has taken a hit to their Mental Perspective of the world as a whole. I am not going to crib about all that has happened to Mental Health as it is a highly subjective topic and I, personally feel giving out general statements about such topics encourages people who aren’t facing any problems of that sort to think about them and then eventually develop them. So if we aren’t gonna dig deep into this topic of Mental Health then how are we going to spread awareness about it? Because after all it is a topic we need to shed some light on. For me Mental Health should be discussed and spread in a way that’s optimistic and positive in nature, i.e looking at the positive side to decrease it instead of stating the negative facts and developing it.

The real spirit of life is not to think about the past and crib, but to think about what the future might unfold in a positive and optimistic sense. Assuming things that won’t happen to demotivate yourself is like thinking of ways to sadden yourself with a non-existent reason. While amidst this pandemic the focus should be on planning as to how the future chores and career plans would work given that the business scenario had highly changed and thus brings with it a spectrum of new opportunities. In the earlier days there used to be scarcity of time for planning out the future and career opportunities whereas now, if you think about it there’s so much time to explore new fields and make your way onto the top!

All I want to say is that you won’t develop thoughts that are detrimental to your Mental Health if you simply don’t look into it! Its the same thing such as - A child is most eager to do things that are forbidden to him or is asked not to do.

In a nutshell, we all are the Captain of our boat in life’s ocean and you won’t have to face a rainy day if you simply take the right route ;)

Written By - Aditya Bansal

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