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Mental Health & Recovering Times

To all the people reading this, I wish you are doing well in this anxiety and depression stricken times of the Pandemic which has the whole world in its crosshairs and affects millions daily. Other than the virus the next most fatal and concerning aspect right now is how the pandemic has affected the mental health and as to how in these calming times when the virus cases are in a downward trend its important to stay vigilant and hold your ground.

A man is a social animal, he requires interaction and socialisation, that is the basic trait of a human and without that it doesn't take long for things to go berserk. Thus, as the people are being forced to stay indoors during these pandemic stricken times more than the virus the regular man is falling prey to the effects of depleting mental health with very little choice to distract themselves. Sadly, mental health and the effects of a depletion in the same are not taken as seriously as as a disease nowadays with a major reason being the fast moving pattern of modern life. With the pandemic affecting the traditional ways of business, people are more and more indulged into finding ways to cope up with the losses that have resulted in closing of businesses that have been running for nearly decades and due to the wandering risk over a lost livelihood people are forced to heave forward, ignoring other aspects of life. The pandemic has indeed left the social and economic structure of countries obsolete, making the economy fall to its knees while so many people perish everyday due to this virus. It then, is the duty of each person who took out time to read this and is aware of the effect of mental health of a person to create awareness and help brighten the mood. With the second wave of COVID-19 gone in India, the daily case count is on a lower side, helping boost the morale of people and providing a ray of hope that the days of misery are coming to an end. However, the mistakes that brought upon us the second wave are to be kept in mind and a lesson has to be drawn and if the lesson is not learned, its not long before the clock tickles back into the days of misery and pain. Yes, given the reduction in cases people have a chance to move out safely and try to build back what they lost, their businesses, their friendships, their entire lifestyle (pre-covid) but on the other hand precautions and safety norms are to be kept in mind. The fact that one isn't just responsible for their health but the health of their family and many more should be kept in mind. It is rightly said by Robert Welch - "The real freedom of any individual can always be measured by the amount of responsibility which he must assume for his own welfare and security."

In a nutshell, we at Blends Of Life urge everyone to follow the safety norms revolving around COVID-19 and not to take the drop in cases as a green signal to return to the Pre-Covid Lifestyle as we never know when another wave of death, depression and suffering is lurking in the corner.

Written by - Aditya Bansal (Founder, Blends of Life)

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