Random Rant

Open your eyes see the world

Its in turmoil,

Its dead,

Its in a deep sleep.

Dont wake it, for its asleep for its own good

For the old man at the mountain said:”if everyone was a wise man the world would turn to hell”

I agreed, for their wisdom to exist, so must exist it’s absence,

For the priest to exist, sinners must too,

Their must be a little fault in everything, perfectness leads to madness, imperfectness to chaos.

For peace to remain in my being i must keep myself a little insane,

For man is a thing to overcome,

And not a lake like stagnant.

Falling from the biggest mountain,

I finally found what is feels to stand on the ground.

Committing the biggest sins i finally found who god was; It is said of the buddhas of the past,

They used to speak and birds used to stop flying,

And rest upon their shoulders,

Its true i suppose,

For the truth has no language,

No poetry can capture the essence of the truth,

Only gibberish can give a glimpse of it.

Random words,

Some here, some there

Stitched by the thread of god

And the beads of man

The singer,

Upon learning the highest of the cadences,

Remained quiet.

The musician upon perfecting her art,

Broke the flute.

Written By - Vihaan Dhir

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