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She is what she is,

She is what she shows.

Those tunnels of truth that never close,

Makes her a woman of honour and pros.

Scars are embracing,

Not a bit exaggerating.

Glaring at her reflection,

Forgetting her complexion.

Fat and cute, bubbly they say.

Black or white, simply thriving in every way.

Bitter and sweet, sexy they say.

After all, she is bold and vivacious in every minuscule way.

Her skin glowing and radiance as if petals were to be in the air,

Complimenting the glaring feathers tucked on her hair.

Black or white, pink or blue,

All those are just shades of her life.

Struggling yet independent,

Dreaming yet transcendent.

Waking up usually to cease the day,

Here she comes on cloud nine to conquer the crown in every way.

Written by - Vidushi

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