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The absurdity of culture

There are stories about cultures reaching to the peak. But those that reached the ultimate height eventually had to go underground.

Culture is an organized system where people are chained to satisfy the society's perceptions of how people should behave. Culture is dead long ago, but all of us are pulling its carcass to console us. Nowadays, there is no life,no bliss only and only herd mentality.

No one ever chooses culture, it is imposed on him by the society. A awakened man is always opposed by the society, he is said to be a threat to the culture. Seriously? Culture feeds on fear and abstinence Culture's fake morality makes people bad for satisfying normal human desires. Anything that makes a person life positive is immoral, culture has taught us to be life negative. To be a monk in a world full of warriors is what it teaches us, as a result we become weak and eventually see ourselves as guilty of sins we didn't commit.

It is a thing that was very intelligently created to keep man from evolving, to keep man in a static and sad state. Man is meant to be evolve,by culture we remain in the same state from eons. All these cultures tell us to live a life of repression and then all the things we have suppressed will be satisfied when we die and go to the heavens. This is the apotheosis of delusion.

Live your life whilst satisfying all your desires and in bliss,if you repress anything then it will comeback to you in a thousand ways and torment you. You see, all of the people who are sad and tired of their life are the ones following the culture blindly. A vagabond isn't depressed, why? For the simple reason that he is free, he has no one to answer to, he has lived in life in totality and isn't afraid of any consequences.

A free man is one who is above all these puny institutions, the true human. All others are just pseudo humans, they just have the body of a homo sapein. Their psychology, ethics and morality are of an animal, a sheep particularly.

Culture is a cage that has penetrated deep into the being of man so much that he thinks he is free.

Written By - Vihaan Dhir

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