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The End

What is the end?

Is it something to fear?

Or is it something that’s meant,

for as people to look at it as a danger,

But truly ambiguous.

An end at any time is untimely,

But isn’t a concept; bad entirely.

Everything that is set into motion,

Runs out of time,

And sometimes,

It actually is about time.

Fearing what will happen,

Won’t push it far away,

But instead will become a cage,

In which you are forever locked away.

Acceptance is the key,

The end is a reality

And realization is the goal.

Actions set in motion,

Sentences said in open,

Are nothing but a bunch of windows,

Which are meant to be opened.

The end is not something to be feared,

But to be prepared for,

It is the final summary of life,

And tells how close you reached,

What you lived for.

Written by - Aditya Bansal

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