The Unsung Heroes of Covid-19

Someone rightly said - “ You don’t have to succumb to the darkest of times, well only if you know how to turn on the light within.”

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is following the policy of social distancing and staying at home as during the past few days the situation in our country has worsened leading to alarming increase in the number of cases and deaths due to various violations of the policies.

Corona has been grappling the country and affecting each an every part of life in a detrimental way, during these troubling times it is the brave hearted doctors and social workers who are putting their lives in risk for the containment of this rather life threatening virus. We have been appreciating the work that these brave men and women have been putting into but as always in each fight of our, we have unsung heroes. These are the people who are into the line of distribution of essentials and food grains. They are at the same amount of risk as the medical staff and the social workers but they are sadly neglected in to be in the spotlight of appreciation. We as an organisation salute the people who are stepping out everyday into the life threatening risk to provide others with their needs and requirements. We are honoured to have one such hero in our Blends Of Life Family, father of our support team head Arit Jain! We would request everyone to stay inside and stay cautious and appreciate and look up to people like these who are going about their jobs not for money but for US and our daily needs.

Stay safe, stay cautious and Happy Blogging.


Aditya Bansal,

Founder, CEO,

Blends Of Life

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