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There are days

There are days when your body says no,

There are nights when all you want is to watch stars glow.

There’s evenings when you just want to take it slow,

Sit outside with maybe a cup of tea or two.

There are days when all you want is to vibe on tunes,

In the sunny lazy afternoon.

Some days,

Just aren’t ‘good days’,

And it is okay to not keep emotions at bay.

Bad days are what define good days,

They are what differentiate reality of life,

From the happy ending plays.

Take some time off,

Let those thoughts brew,

Catch up on those lost habits,

And know at the end of such days that eventually you grew.

It’s the nature of life to face lows,

It’s a habit of problems to grow,

But it’s always your choice,

Which way you want to go.

Written By - Aditya Bansal

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