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All these thoughts run at the speed of light in my mind.

A hint of humour here and a million stories of agony there.

I just want to silence them; But, the only thing existing will be the self.

If there are no thoughts, how will i distract myself?

For all thoughts are merely an escape from the adventures that dive down into the self,

For the self will stop existing the moment you find it.

Similarly a mistake stops existing the moment you correct it.

For the self is simply a reflection of the complete, which decided to experience the incomplete by manifesting into this planet of beauty and dread.

Every life is a subconscious effort to know the beyond,

But is stumbled upon by the filthy mind,

So the madman says

Stay in silence for the sermon of the silence is the rarest of all.

For heaven is just behind your back

Like darkness below the lamp,

Sit down in the fire,

The pain will be acute,

Pain is the cause of bliss.

For every birth is preceded by pain

And every death by laughter. By - Vihaan Dhir

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