It is in this wilderness,

I am at peace,

Trying to strive towards,

A better me.

In the dark of the night,

I stay awake,

While the world sleeps,

Giving myself time to think,

Giving time to injuries to heal.

It’s in this darkness that I am at home,

Away from the pomp and show,

Being at peace is the goal.

There are moments that I remember,

There are ones I tend to forget,

But that main aim is to never regret.

Self confidence and being calm,

Is what helps feels like when you’re in hell.

Nothing can ever damage you,

For that you are the captain in helm.

Take control, stay focused,

Only pay attention to the ones that matter.

Otherwise, You’ll turn your life into a never ending ruckus.

Written By - Aditya Bansal

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