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Thoughts. Travel faster than light. Lead to actions. And are caused by feelings.

Temper, Anger, Frustration: What are these words? Are they the after effects or the causing factors of our actions? In the sprightly and swift life, we all face

disappointments and failures. But, what matters most is how we react to it. 

Reaction is the seed of the tree of actions that one takes. That is, how we respond to a situation clearly decides how it affects us and others in the long run. 

Anger is something that has been meddling with the brains of humans since the very beginning, causing losses that are too much to overcome or forget. Thinking through and taking action are two different pieces that complete a puzzle. Anger shows the mirror image of oneself, one that is unknown to the world yet. Being that person takes a toll on oneself and this is inexplicable. Your identity is what makes you believe in yourself. Not being able to trust is what mutilates the most.

Plan and execute. Negotiate through the situation smartly and you are liberated from the constraints of stress. Fight with the situation with pessimism and you lose yourself. 

Leap over the hurdles, don’t waste your energy pushing them away.

In a nutshell, the amount of patience you have is what makes your boat sail. 

Take a pause. Act; don’t react.

Peace out ! :)

Aditya Bansal

Author, Founder

Blends Of Life.

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