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You Think?

You think you know me?,

Well you don’t.

You see the man who’s in front of you,

But don’t see with what troubles he grew.

You see the man smile,

But don’t see what’s going on in that tired mind.

You see the man laugh,

But ever asked what’s wrong?

Bet you he’ll not know from where to start.

We put on masks,

We put on fake faces,

But that doesn’t mean,

We’ve got no heart.

I’m one of those men,

Things go south,

You never know when.

But I don’t hide,

Because I am who I am,

And in that I take pride.

Hit me twice,

I’ll hold back for a moment,

Save those breaths,

And hit you thrice.

There’ll be obstacles,

There’ll be shackles,

But they aren’t worth it,

If you know who or what really matters.

So I stand there,


Knowing that no matter what the quantity,

I’ll always be strong enough to keep enemies At bay

Written by - Aditya Bansal

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