Yours Sincerely, A WOMAN

"One strong willed woman possesses the power to educate the generation she beholds'. Empowerment is journey of education , equality, respect, liberty and acceptance.

Women often seek validation from our society and are expected to function in a way that surroundings deem acceptable. Providing opportunities for women to establish themselves amongst the male society and in professional fields, coins the term empowerment. This means a strong emphasis on fair participation of woman in political, economic as well as social aspects in our society.

The traditional occupational role of women has always been facilitating nutrition and care to her family. Each role a woman plays is unique, a daughter is prosperity and luck to a household, a wife is a homemaker and a mother is the first school a child.

Throughout history, the central role of women in the society has significantly contributes towards development all around the world. The development can either be structural which strengthens a country's foundation or could possibly strengthen moral and ethical grounds of each individual, open to a world where women walk along men, not behind not ahead but she stands equal to you. Priortizing girl child education is perhaps the highest return investment in the developing world.

The world is making a considerable progress in achieving gender parity in education although, approximately one quater of the girls in the developing world do not attend school. Typically, low profile families with limited capital and resources who cannot afford costs associated with schooling priortize education for their sons over daughters of the family. Such families may also rely on women and girls for household chores and do not believe in educating their daughters with the thought that one day they shall be married off and their education qualifications will not benefit her maiden family. Contribution to the society through education in itself represents a content and a satisfactory thought.

Economic independence and liberty to access their own potential financial assests and income is also a very prominent aspect of empowering women. Though women comprise of a significant population count all over the world they only account for 1% of the worlds wealth and this is a critical concern throughout the world. Despite the long hours of genuine effort in workplaces, women still lack to earn enough credit for their work. The sense of a sovereign and secure life comes from financial assets of an individual along with the capability to handle the same in a substantial manner. The entrepreneurial sector is also one of the emerging sites for women participation. Women are seen running businesses and investing in novel start up business ideas which are truly in the spirit of empowering and encouraging other female aspirants to fulfill their dreams and lead a successful life.

In major parts of the world , women have recieved political libertion and were granted rights with an equal opportunity to exercise them on plea. Women's political participation is extremely crucial to as achieving gender equality and genuine democracy. Quoting a controversial yet simple statement, "Women fail to gain recognition in a democracy". Democracy is said to be an institution "By the people, for the people" Women are a definite part of the people and should be treated like. An international prestigious organisation, The United Nations Organisation (UN) has duly understood the role of women in all arenas and therefore functions a commitee under the name UN WOMEN, an entity which works for empowerment of women and aims to promote gender equality, expand opportunities for women and tackle discrimination all around the world. Global steps initiated need to be reinforced on national levels and further at regional levels to make sure the word spreads and its aid is recieved to the affected women.

Every woman has a story to share and this world can be a better place if her voice is heard.

Written By - Sia Passi

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