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Management Team

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Deeptanshu Shekhar

Head Recruitment and Quality Analysis

Aditya Bansal

Founder, Head Of Operations

Bhavay Arora

Bhavay Arora

Head Technical Operations

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Jaivardhan Kohli

Head Marketing

Dhruv Sahdev

Dhruv Sahdev

Head Finance

Old Books


The Editor-in-chiefs of Blends Of Life over the years

1st Editor-in-chief

Naghma Sachdeva

16th September 2017 - 29th June 2020

Graphic Designer Working

Graphic Designer

The creator behind the amazing posts!

Muskan Singla

1st January 2021 - Present

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The Writers of Blends of life

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Akshaan Garg

Dishita Verma

Siya Arora

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Sia Passi

Vihaan Dhir


Painters Palette

Canvas wizards

Artists of Blends Of Life

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Muskan Singla

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Armaan Garg

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Eshika Bhardwaj

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Akansha Mendiratta

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Ruchika Rathore

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Kavya Garg

Image by The Climate Reality Project

Events Management Team

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Aditya Bansal


Dishita Verma

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Deeptanshu Shekhar

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Mehak Sharda

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Sia Passi

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Dhruv Sahdev

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Jaivardhan Kohli

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Bhavay Arora